Our Most Recent Landworks Projects

Transforming Landscapes: Southern Brush’s Latest Forestry Mulching Project

At Southern Brush, we take immense pride in our ability to turn visions into reality. Recently, we embarked on an exciting project that highlights our expertise in forestry mulching and land transformation. A client approached us with an ambitious plan to create an epic playground area by expanding their yard, and we were thrilled to take on the challenge.

The Project: From Dense Woods to Dream Playground

Our latest project involved transforming a densely wooded area into a sprawling playground space. The client envisioned a safe, engaging, and beautifully integrated play area for children, surrounded by nature’s beauty. To achieve this vision, we utilized our top-notch forestry mulching services, a process that clears and recycles unwanted vegetation, creating a clean slate for new development.

We are always thrilled to hear from our clients. Here’s what the client had to say about their experience with Southern Brush:

“James is awesome to work with and these guys did an amazing job giving me my backyard back!! Highly recommended to give them a call!!”

— Anthony G.

Let Us Help You Realize Your Vision

Are you dreaming of transforming your landscape into something extraordinary? Whether it’s creating a playground paradise, restoring storm-damaged areas, or enhancing your property’s appeal, Southern Brush is here to help. Reach out to us today and discover why we are the premier destination for construction and landworks solutions in Georgia.


The Atkinsons’ Residence

We’re delighted to showcase our recent project at the Atkinsons’ residence. From sod installation to fence construction, landscaping, garden box setup, forestry mulching, and irrigation system installation. The project turned out beautifully, and we’re proud of the results! We invite you to explore the breathtaking images from the Atkinsons’ job! A beautifully transformed backyard that we’re incredibly proud of. But don’t just take our word for it, hear from Mr. Atkinson himself:

James and all of his team were first class. Incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, and amenable to any requests we had during the project. They completely re-did our backyard, built a custom garden with beds, mulched an acre of our land, and fixed a big hill in our front yard. Looking forward to using Southern Brush again!”

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✨? Turning Dreams into Reality: A Family’s Yard Transformation ?✨

Recently, we had the incredible privilege of working with a local family who had a dream – to transform their yard into a safe and spacious play area for their children. The challenge? Their property was densely covered with underbrush and had uneven terrain.

Southern Brush rose to the occasion with unwavering dedication. We cleaned up the area, removed the overgrowth, introduced fresh topsoil, skillfully graded the land, and planted premium grass seed. The results were nothing short of breathtaking.

Just a few weeks after our work, the grass seed has taken root, and the once-barren land has become a flourishing, vibrant lawn, perfect for the kids to play on.

But what truly makes this story special is the family’s reaction. Their joy and satisfaction with the outcome of our services was overwhelming. They were so delighted with our work that they left us a heartfelt 5-star review, and we couldn’t be more grateful for them.

?✨ Before and After: Elevating Property Appeal in Dawsonville ✨?

Embarking on a transformative journey, we recently collaborated with a dedicated agent in Dawsonville to breathe new life into a listed property. Recognizing the untapped potential, the agent entrusted us with the mission to enhance visibility and appeal. In the ‘before’ phase, the property struggled to captivate potential buyers. However, through meticulous cleaning and strategic improvements, the ‘after’ reveals a remarkable transformation. The property now stands as a testament to the power of revitalization.

Client Testimonial:

“Highly recommend Southern Brush! They cleared 4 acres of underbrush on a 20AC parcel I had for sale making it so much easier for buyers to walk the property & see the topography. This property had been for sale for over a year. After posting new pictures online, viewings increased tenfold and it went under contract within a month!”

?? Reviving History: Transforming an Overgrown Farm into a Homestead ??

Stepping into the shoes of history, the owner of this once-overgrown farm entrusted us with a transformative mission. Embracing the essence of renewal, we installed sturdy fencing to delineate the property’s boundaries and undertook the task of clearing future homesites, breathing life back into the once-hidden potential of the land. As a practical touch, we strategically installed a culvert for efficient drainage along the driveway, ensuring longevity and resilience against the elements.

??️ Breathing Life into a 100-Acre Haven: A Restoration Journey ?️?

Venturing into the heart of a remarkable 100-acre property, our team invested extensive effort and time in a transformative endeavor. Upon acquisition, the landscape wore an overgrown and rundown appearance, concealing the potential that lay beneath the surface. Through meticulous care, we embarked on a journey of restoration, breathing new life into the pastures, reclaiming the beauty of the pond, and transforming the land into a vibrant sanctuary. The ambitious project included clearing and grading for a barn, carving out trails that wind through the property, and establishing access roads for ease of exploration. The ‘before and after’ photos tell a captivating story of nature’s revival and the harmonious integration of human design. This 100-acre haven now stands as a testament to the power of vision, dedication, and the beauty that unfolds when nature and nurture converge.


“I called southern brush after a disaster in my yard. They came out on a Saturday (2 days after calling) and regraded my portion of the yard that was messed up. The owner even told me what I needed to do after the yard was graded to get grass to grow even in the middle of summer. Now we have a nice flat place for the kids to play and the grass started coming in before a week was even up. They were knowledgeable and experienced and knew exactly what needed to be done to get my yard back to where it needs to be. I definitely plan to have southern brush come back and make more additions to my yard. 100% would recommend them to anyone I know.”

Zachary C.

“James and team, helped grade, install sod and pinestraw as well as create a 26×26 Playset area for our daughters. The team was super thoughtful about the work, and always acted with professionalism and committed to doing the job to the best of their ability. Took essentially, a sloped wooded area and turned it into a kids paradise. Highly recommend them to anyone needing any general work done; or custom!”

Michael L.

“James and his team did an amazing job clearing a lot of trees and shrubs while mulching at the same time! No debris left to get rid of was a huge bonus. Before we had no view of our large back or stream, and now we have the view and more area to utilize! Awesome work and I highly recommend!”

Holly S.

“James and his team came out and helped with some forestry mulching in our overgrown yard. The team was super professional, and the work they did in a short period of time was unbelievable. I was blown away by the total transformation and value of this project!! I plan to have them back out for more work in the future. Thank you again for your help!!”

Justin L.

“Highly recommend Southern Brush! They cleared 4 acres of underbrush on a 20AC parcel I had for sale making it so much easier for buyers to walk the property & see the topography. This property had been for sale for over a year. After posting new pictures online, viewings increased tenfold and it went under contract within a month!”

Lori M.